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Primary Lesson Starters

There are 150 videos in this series.

Find short starter clips for use on interactive whiteboards in your classroom, covering primary maths, science, French, history, and literacy

3 mins Character Glimpses

A KS2 lesson starter on characterisation in literacy

3 mins Character Viewpoints

A KS2 lesson starter looking at characterisation using cinderella

3 mins That Fatal Sneeze

A KS2 English and media lesson starter looking at narrative

3 mins Rescued by Rover

A KS2 media lesson starter looking at black and white films

3 mins Problem-Solving - Football Problems

Problem-solving using a football activity for Key Stage 2 maths

3 mins Problem-Solving - Is It a Bargain?

Working out when a deal is good value and when it is a con

3 mins The Suitcase Dance

An evacuee's suitcase is used as inspiration for a dance lesson

3 mins Dance - Moving Like Magnets

A primary dance lesson starter using magnets as inspiration

3 mins Theatre Lights

Looking at the effects of light in a KS2 science lesson starter

3 mins Questions About Light

Illustrating the principles of light through a story

3 mins Algebra - What's the Pattern?

Teach KS2 pupils about algebra using the story of a party

3 mins Algebra in Action

A KS2 algebra lesson starter based around working out a formula

3 mins History - Food Rationing

A short primary lesson starter about WW2 and rationing

3 mins History - Living with Rationing

A primary classroom history resource about WW2 rationing

3 mins How Electricity is Used

A KS2 science resource about the way electricity works

3 mins Things that Use Electricity

A KS2 science resource about using electricity in the home

3 mins Pizza Fractions

A KS2 resource about fractions

3 mins Fractions Out Shopping

A KS2 maths lesson starter about fractions and percentages

3 mins Primary Writing - The Railway Children

A film extract provides writing inspiration for KS2 pupils

4 mins Primary Writing - Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web provides suggestions for writing persuasively

3 mins Primary Writing - It's Unfair

KS2 starter on turning opinions into effective writing

3 mins Primary Writing - 9/11 New York

KS2 English lesson starter on the events of 9/11 in New York

3 mins Primary Writing - Double Act

Jacqueline Wilson's Double Act inspires writing and role play

3 mins Primary Writing - Lily & Ermine

An animated KS2 creative writing starter

3 mins Different Writing Styles: Wood Fired Oven

A KS2 literacy lesson idea focusing on a pizza-making restaurant

15 mins The Victorians

Five videos to help KS2 history pupils explore Victorian Britain

4 mins The Victorians - The Workhouse

Show KS2 history pupils the conditions in a Victorian workhouse

4 mins The Victorians - Brunel's SS Great Britain

Isambard Kingdom Brunel's revolutionary ship, for KS2 history

4 mins The Victorians - Florence Nightingale and the Crimean War

KS2 history: Florence Nightingale's work during the Crimean war

4 mins The Victorians - The Great Exhibition 1851

Help KS2 history pupils discover the Great Exhibition of 1851

4 mins The Victorians - The School Room

Pupils experience Victorian school in a KS2 history dramatisation

1 min Victorian School: Ironbridge

Pupils experience a Victorian school in a Year 5 history trip

3 mins Victorian Street: Ironbridge

A museum trip uncovers Victorian life for Year 5 history pupils

4 mins KS2 French - L'avenir et moi

Show KS2 French learners what Martinique pupils aspire to be

4 mins KS2 French - Qu'est-ce que tu préfères?

For KS2 French, Martinique pupils discuss food, sport and music

4 mins KS2 French -Matis et son grandpère

For KS2 French, Martinique boy asks grandfather about his past

4 mins KS2 French - Voici ma ville

Help KS2 French pupils explore the historic capital of Martinique

4 mins KS2 French - Voici mon école

Give KS2 French pupils a colourful tour of a school in Martinique

4 mins KS2 French - Une Chasse au Trésor

Make KS2 French learning fun with a treasure hunt in Martinique

4 mins Primary French - Deux Jeux de Mains

KS2 French clapping games for teaching numbers and letters

4 mins Primary French - La Parade des Metiers D'avant

Make KS2 French fun with carnival celebrations in Martinique

4 mins Primary French - Le Carnaval en Martinique

Show KS2 French learners the fun of the carnival in Martinique!

4 mins Primary French - La Musique et les Instruments

For KS2 French, Martinique children discuss music and instruments

4 mins Primary French - Le Chemin de L'ecole

Follow Matis as he walks to school in Martinique, for KS2 French

4 mins Primary French: Papyon Volé une Chanson du Carnaval

Teach KS2 French through the experience of a Martinique carnival

15 mins Playground Games, Let's Go, Pocket Money

Nine dramatised KS2 French lesson starters filmed in France

15 mins Healthy Eating, Let's Start a Café, Portraits

A collection of KS2 French lesson starters filmed in France

4 mins Primary Spanish - ?Que noticias hay?

KS2 Spanish lesson ideas with children discussing life in Mexico

4 mins Primary Spanish - El Pasado y el Presente

For KS2 Spanish, a Mexican boy interviews a lady about her past

4 mins Primary Spanish - Un recorrido de mi ciudad, Cosoleacaque

Show KS2 Spanish learners a Mexican city with 10-year-old Paula

15 mins Primary Spanish - iBienvenido a Mexico! 1

Five engaging KS2 Spanish lesson starters for primary pupils

15 mins Primary Spanish - iBienvenido a Mexico! 2

Mexican children present five lively videos for KS2 Spanish

4 mins Primary Spanish - Que Hice Ayer?

Listen to examples of the past tense, for KS2 Spanish

4 mins Primary Spanish - La cultura folclorica de Veracruz

Show KS2 Spanish learners some Mexican music, culture and language

4 mins Primary Spanish - Aqui esta mi escuela

For KS2 Spanish, pupil Edgardo gives a tour of his Mexican school

4 mins Primary Spanish - El Colas - Una cancion tradicional

Mexican children perform Spanish songs, for KS2 pupils

4 mins Primary Spanish - El camino de la escuela

A Mexican pupil describes his journey to school, for KS2 Spanish

4 mins KS2 Spanish - Cómo hacer una piñata

For KS2 Spanish, see Mexican pupils make a piñata and sing a song

4 mins KS2 Science -Air Resistance

Explain air resistance for Year 4 using parachutes and eggs

3 mins KS2 Science - Sliding Objects

Tug-of-war examines friction and sliding objects for KS2 science

3 mins KS1 Science - Changing Movement by Force

Year 2 science in action as a chef exerts forces upon pizza dough

2 mins KS1 Science -Stopping Moving Objects

A demolition ball shows the force of moving objects: KS1 science

4 mins KS2 Science - Pushing and Pulling

Show Year 2 science pupils forces at work through canoeing

3 mins Seeing in the Dark

A KS1 science look at light sources, with dog-walking in the dark

3 mins How Light Travels

Look inside the lights used at rock concerts, for KS2 science

4 mins KS2 Science - Making Shadows

KS2 science ideas using shadowgraph theatre to explain light

3 mins How We See Light

A KS2 science idea, linking vision with light entering the eye

4 mins KS1 Science - Light and Seeing

Examine the connection between light and sight for Year 1 science

4 mins Combating Cyberbullying: Posting Pictures without Consent

A primary and secondary lesson idea on e-safety and anti-bullying

4 mins Combating Cyberbullying: Inadvertent Bullying

See the risk of misinterpreting a text, for primary and secondary

4 mins Combating Cyberbullying: Suffering in Silence

Combating internet and text bullying, for primary and secondary

3 mins KS2 Science - How to Muffle Sound

A man uses various materials to muffle lesson-starters-sound, for KS2 science

3 mins KS2 Science - Changing Sounds

KS2 science pupils find out how drummers control pitch and volume

3 mins How We Hear

Hide-and-seek shows how ears locate sounds, for KS1/2 science

4 mins KS1 Science - Describing Sounds

Help KS1 science pupils explore how sounds make us feel, and why

4 mins KS1 Science - Listening to Sounds

A practical KS1 science idea where pupils match sounds to sources

2 mins Different Writing Styles: Fireworks

Prompt KS2 creative writing with a video on fireworks

2 mins Different Writing Styles: Fire Walking

A KS2 creative writing lesson idea based on a fire-walking video

3 mins Persuasive Writing: School Uniform

Watch Year 5 pupils discuss school uniform, for KS2 literacy

2 mins Persuasive Writing: Our Neighbourhood - Negatives

For KS2 literacy, see people talk negatively about neighbourhoods

2 mins Persuasive Writing: Our Neighbourhood - Positives

Persuasive writing activity for primary pupils on neighbourhoods

5 mins Persuasive Writing: Keeping Pets

A short lesson starter to help aid persuasive writing

3 mins Persuasive Writing: Anti-Smoking

A KS2 persuasive writing activity about discouraging smoking

4 mins Post-War Britain: Immigration - New Neighbours

Show KS2 history pupils how immigration has changed Bristol

4 mins Post-War Britain: Immigration - Race Relations

An insight into racism in Britain in the 1960s, for KS2 history

4 mins Post-War Britain: Immigration - Changing Churches

Examine the mix of religions in Britain, for KS2 history

15 mins Post-War Britain: Immigration

Four KS2 history lesson ideas explore aspects of immigration

4 mins Different Writing Styles:Glass Blowing

The art of glass blowing can inspire KS2 pupils to write

2 mins Different Writing Styles: Fires Out of Control

Challenge KS2 pupils to use narrative and non-narrative writing

3 mins Different Writing Styles: Fire Poi

The art of fire poi acts as a starter for KS2 creative writing

4 mins Primary Spanish - Las cuatro estaciones

Show a KS2 Spanish class the Mexican weather, with pupil Ulysses

1 min Heat: Naughty Balloons

A KS2 science heat experiment with different-coloured balloons

1 min Scientific Enquiry: Paper Loop

Show a KS2 science class how the mobius strip works

2 mins Forces: Rocket Launch

Launching bottles demonstrates air pressure for KS2 science pupils

3 mins Astronomy: Observatory Trip

Primary pupils visit an observatory: a KS2 science lesson starter

15 mins Primary French - Bienvenue en Martinique! 2

Part two of children presenting KS2 French from Martinique

15 mins Primary French - Bienvenue en Martinique! 1

Children present a creative and engaging video for KS2 French

3 mins Storytelling: Raja's Secret

Encourage KS1 creative writing with a Punjabi tale

4 mins Storytelling: Key in the Sea

A story with puppets, for KS1 storytelling and creative writing

4 mins Storytelling: Aladdin

A KS1 creative writing lesson idea based on the story of Aladdin

3 mins Storytelling: Miserly Farmer

A Punjabi story for KS1 creative writing and storytelling

3 mins Storytelling: Red Riding Hood

An idea for a KS1 creative writing and storytelling lesson

15 mins Primary Science: Sound and Hearing

Five fun ways to teach sound and hearing in KS1 and KS2 science

15 mins Primary Science: Forces - Pushes, Pulls and Friction

Five fun science lesson starters introduce forces for KS1 and KS2

15 mins Primary Science: Light - How We See Things

Five KS2 science lesson starters examine light

15 mins Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Primary maths lesson starters to use on an interactive whiteboard

15 mins Selflessness, Charity, Stealing - and More

Seven lesson-starting videos on moral dilemmas, for KS1/2

15 mins Literacy: Using Story Starts

Three KS1/KS2 teachers use whiteboard resources to teach literacy

15 mins Division, Volume and Other Topics

Discover eight engaging scenarios for starting KS2 maths lessons

15 mins Story-writing - Nine More Dramatised Clips

Nine short drama sequences for use in primary literacy

15 mins Problem-solving and Other Topics

Eight KS2 maths lesson-starting ideas using dramatised scenarios

15 mins Changing State, Micro-Organisms and Other Topics

Challenge KS2 pupils with seven science lesson-starting ideas

15 mins Honesty, Lateral Thinking and Other Topics

Six KS2 lesson starters for evaluative and deductive thinking

15 mins Using Science Lesson Starters

Four KS2 science teachers introduce lessons using short videos

15 mins Teeth, Springs, Rocks and Other Topics

Seven KS1/KS2 science lesson starters blend documentary and drama

15 mins Children in World War II

KS2 history starters with colour film of personal stories from WW2

15 mins Story Writing - Seven Dramatised Clips

Watch seven story-starter ideas for primary literacy lessons

15 mins Weather Around the World

Show primary geography pupils the climates of five global regions

3 mins Multiplication - Piggy Buys Apples

Multiplication skills made fun in this video for Year 3 maths

1 min Multiplication and Division: Sharing Puppy Food

Primary maths pupils have to divide food equally between puppies

1 min Multiplication and Division: Seats on a Train

A practical calculation challenge for a KS2 maths lesson

3 mins Angles: Pirate's Lost Treasure

Pirate Kate uses geometry to find buried treasure, for KS2 maths

2 mins Fractions and Percentages: Packed Lunch Survey

For primary maths, pupils discuss what they're eating for lunch

2 mins Percentages: Sharing a Cake

How should pupils divide the cake? Percentages for KS2 maths

2 mins Division: Loading Up the Getaway Car

How many gold bars can a thief steal? KS2 maths division skills

2 mins Division: Dice Factory

Calculate a dice order: a practical KS2 maths division challenge

2 mins Evaporation and Condensation - Robinson Crusoe Makes Drinking Water

KS2 science video: collect water by evaporation and condensation

2 mins Sound: Changing Pitch - Playing the Guitar

Sound and pitch are explored with different guitars for KS2 music

2 mins Habitats and Food Chains - Fox and Hedgehog

Illustrate the food chain with a playful KS2 science video

2 mins Properties of Fabrics - The Cross-Country Run

Highlight practical uses of different materials, for KS2 science

1 min Reducing Friction - Skid Pan

A real-life example of the role of friction, for KS2 science

2 mins Micro-Organisms - Making Bread and Cheese

How food production uses micro-organisms, for KS1/KS2 science

1 min Muscles - Using a Longbow

Archers show how muscles work together in KS1/KS2 science video

1 min Writing a Mystery Story - Jewellery Box

KS1/KS2 literacy: opening a jewellery box has unexpected results

3 mins Literacy - How to Make Tea

A resource to help teach instructions in primary literacy

1 min Writing an Adventure Story - Desert Island

A man is deserted in this KS1/KS2 literacy creative writing idea

1 min Writing Historical Fiction - Robin Hood

Robin Hood sparks KS1/KS2 literacy pupils' creative writing ideas

3 mins Writing a Horror Story - Dinosaurs

A trip to a museum takes a dark turn, in a KS1/KS2 literacy story

2 mins Writing an Adventure Story - Science Lab

KS1/2 literacy idea: a mysterious voice is heard in a science lab

2 mins Writing a Ghost Story - Cave

A ghostly figure in an underground lair: a KS1/KS2 literacy idea

2 mins Writing a Ghost Story - Graveyard

Mysterious events occur in a rural graveyard, for KS2 literacy

15 mins Writing Skills - Fire

Creative primary literacy ideas with six videos about fire

2 mins Personal Writing: Buffet Steward

A comedic KS2 literacy lesson starter about a bored train steward

2 mins Personal Writing: Two Sides of Jane

Funny character descriptions designed for KS2 English lessons

2 mins Personal Writing: Manchester Poem

A poet shares his writing methods, in a video for KS2 literacy

3 mins Work on the Farm

Urban pupils spend a week on a Devon farm: KS1/2 science

15 mins KS2 Persuasive Writing

Stimulate KS2 literacy pupils' persuasive writing ideas

15 mins KS1 Story Starts

Short videos to inspire storytelling ideas in KS1 literacy

20 mins Teaching Past, Present and Future

A series of short clips for use as activity starters

4 mins KS2 History - The Immigrant's Story

A boy's first-hand view of illegal immigration, for KS2 history