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Great Primary Lesson Ideas

There are 53 videos in this series.

Lots of ideas for creating fun and engaging lessons for primary aged children. You can also watch Great Secondary Lesson Ideas.

4 mins Character Detectives

A look at literacy and characterisation for KS2 pupils

4 mins Using Archive Film

A KS2 English and media lesson looking at narrative and setting

4 mins Problem-Solving Language

Learning about problem-solving in Key Stage 2 maths

4 mins Dance - Four Body Shapes

Dance techniques are used to improve cross curricular learning

4 mins Modelling Light

A creative KS2 science lesson idea on how light travels

4 mins Chessboard Algebra

A KS2 maths lesson on algebra teaches pupils about using formulas

4 mins History - Theatre Boxes

A practical and fun lesson for KS2 history

4 mins The Apprentice Electrician

A Year 4 science lesson-planning idea on electricity

5 mins Primary Music - Create a Rondo

A Key Stage 2 class use percussion in an active music lesson

5 mins Primary Music - Three Notes

A KS2 class use an African song to learn about pitch and notation

5 mins Primary Music - Tudor Fanfare

A KS2 class create their own music compostition in one lesson

5 mins Primary Music - Sing a Song

A lesson-planning idea for a KS2 music and singing lesson

5 mins Abstract Art - My Journey

Creating and discussing abstract art at Key Stage 2 level

5 mins Primary Art - Through the Hedge

Using the outdoors as artistic inspiration for primary KS2 pupils

5 mins KS2 MFL - Birthday Presents

A game of pass-the-parcel helps with KS2 French learning

5 mins KS2 MFL - Story Writing

How story writing benefits KS2 pupils learning French vocabulary

5 mins KS2 MFL - Weather Vocabulary

Making a game out of learning weather vocabulary in French

5 mins KS2 MFL - Role-play Games

Role-play games help pupils learn French greetings at KS2

5 mins KS2 MFL - Reading and Writing Games

A fun way of learning to read and write in French at KS2

5 mins KS2 MFL - Making a Cake

Using baking to learn French vocabulary in a fun Year 4 lesson

5 mins KS2 MFL - A Nationality Song

Teaching French using national flags and songs with Year 4 pupils

5 mins KS1 Art - Pop-up Puppets

Emma Myers takes a class in making pop-up puppets

5 mins KS1 Art - Peacock Masks

An artist shows a KS1 art class how to make peacock masks

5 mins KS1 Art - Indian Block Printing

A KS1 art lesson on Indian block printing

5 mins KS2 MFL - Football Fun

Combining football with learning French vocabulary in Year 6

5 mins KS2 MFL - Story Activities

Using storytelling in a fun French literacy lesson for Year 3

15 mins Combating Cyberbullying

Discover two schools' creative anti-cyberbullying strategies

15 mins Primary French

Four fun KS2 French games offer cultural insights

15 mins Artefacts

KS2 history games: a classroom museum, dig box and lost suitcase

15 mins Primary History - Enquiry Skills

Teach history and enquiry skills with role play and board games

15 mins Primary Environment

Make KS2 science fun with day trips to well-known destinations

15 mins Primary History

Creative ideas for making KS2 history fun with class day trips

15 mins Vicious Vikings

Fun games to engage KS1/2 pupils in Viking history

15 mins Group Activities in PE

Learn about three lively group activities for KS1 and KS2 PE

15 mins Scrap Art

Innovative ideas for KS2 art and design using scrap materials

15 mins Human Body, Reading and Tessellation

Creative approaches to teaching KS2 maths, science and literacy

15 mins Data Handling

How games can help with teaching data handling to Years 3 and 4

15 mins Calculation

Fun games for KS1 and KS2 maths entertain and educate pupils

15 mins Numbers

See three new activities for teaching numbers to Years 3 and 5

15 mins Measures

Three exciting games to play with Year 2 and 3 maths classes

15 mins Shape and Space

Three shapes-and-space activities for KS1 and KS2 maths

15 mins Making Bags

Discover how making bags can be a cross-curricular KS2 project

15 mins Primary Geography: Overseas Localities

Quick activities to teach overseas locations in KS1/2 geography

15 mins Speaking and Listening Activities

Successful speaking and listening activities for Years 2, 5 and 6

15 mins Reading Community

Learn about fun and inspiring reading activities for KS2

15 mins Writing Activities

Innovative lesson-planning activities for KS1 and KS2 writing

15 mins World War II

Fresh ideas for planning a cross-curricular Year 5 lessons on WW2

15 mins Science, Data Logging and Poetry

Cross-curricular work in Year 6 literacy, science and ICT

15 mins Materials Activities

Inspiring materials activities for Year 5 and 6 science pupils

15 mins Primary Science: Forces and Motion Activities

Ideas for teaching forces and motion for KS1and KS2 pupils

15 mins Primary Science: Electricity Activities

Introductory lesson ideas for teaching the topic of electricity

15 mins Primary Science: Light and Sound Activities

Lesson ideas for teaching light and sound at KS1 and KS2

15 mins Primary Geography - On Location

Locality study ideas for KS1 and KS2 geography activities