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How can I get my login details again?

Go to the Login area, and click on the 'Reset it now' button, following the on screen instructions

How do I watch a video?

You can watch Teachers Media videos online through our Flash Video Player. You will need version 9 or later of the Flash plug-in to make full use of the video player.

You can watch the video by clicking on the large image on a video page.

Controls for the video are at the bottom of the video player. You can fast-forward, rewind, adjust the volume, pause, play or expand the video player to full screen using these controls.

Information about the video is available on the page. This includes its duration and whether or not there are subtitles available.

Why won't my video play?

Problems playing videos can be caused by an issue with: your internet connection, a security firewall on your PC or within your school or a problem with the Teachers Media service.

A quick way of checking where the fault lies is to try to access another online video service such as the YouTube website.

Teachers Media streams video using RTMP (Real Time Media Protocol), which makes use of a specific connection port number (port 1935) which is sometimes blocked by default by school firewalls. If you can stream YouTube videos and not Teachers Media videos, please check that RTMP is not blocked by your school or Internet Service Provider.

If you still cannot watch Teachers Media videos, please contact us explaining the issue and we will be happy to try to rectify the problem.

If you can't access video content on Teachers Media and other sites, it could be because:

  • There is a fault with your computer
  • There is a fault with your internet connection
  • Your computer is protected by a firewall

In all of these cases, please check with your system administrator or refer to your computer manual. You can also refer to the Adobe Flash Player FAQs for help.

On older or slower machines, scrolling rapidly up and down the page while a video is playing can also cause the video to behave erratically or stop playing entirely.

Are the videos subtitled?

Yes, approximately 20 per cent of the videos are subtitled. When a video has subtitles, this will be indicated in the title panel above the video player.

I have got a page saying 'Not found', what does this mean?

This may mean that the Pack you are trying to view is no longer published, or the video you are looking for is no longer available.