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Our vision

To make the greatest impact possible to the life chances of children by working with educators across the world to ensure they are trained and supported to be the very best.

About Teachers Media International A global provider of online professional development services for the education sector, Teachers Media International aims to ensure teachers and educators around the world are trained, inspired and supported to be the very best.

Leading the way in global education, supporting teachers and educators with professional development training needs and providing 24/7 connectivity, learning support and customised resources.

Reflective practice Our approach is based on developing reflective practitioners and encouraging professional development that is collaborative and focused upon real school practice. This approach is vital to sustainable improvement in teaching and learning.

High quality content Research shows that teachers and educators are very likely to transform their practice if provided the opportunity to experience alternative strategies in a real classroom setting. That is why broadcast-quality video is at the heart of our service.

A cost-effective resource for professional development, video is an engaging medium for sharing and transferring best practice. By harnessing the narrative power of video, we reach hearts as well as minds, making the very best use of digital technology to deliver resources to teachers and educators.

High-quality content is always fresh and relevant, addressing key subjects, role responsibilities and whole school issues.

Professional Learning Communities of teachers and schools working in collaboration to deliver inspiring staff development programmes.

Our model - global vision, local solution The Teachers Media International workshops, Ambassador Accreditation programmes and online community service can be rapidly implemented within a country. It is fully customisable and is designed to be managed locally.

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Where we operate

Teachers Media International works with schools, districts, ministries and universities around the world to deliver high-quality teaching and online services that inspire and sustain education.

We have a series of country specific websites that meet the needs of various education systems.

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We are helping the ministry of education in Bayelsa State to create teacher training courses for their local schools. Canadian teachers deliver these courses to teachers over a six-month period, with the support of our online platform service to sustain their learning.

In Ogun State we are working with the ministry of education to equip 15 schools in accredited PD courses to support specialist teaching.


In Australia we have developed a content sharing partnership with the ABC media network to deliver our education videos.

South America

At Canal Futura in Brazil we have a content-sharing partnership to translate our videos into Portuguese, to help serve educational institutions in Portuguese-speaking regions.


Teachers Media International has established a content-sharing partnership for schools in member states and online platform services for teacher training.

South Africa

We are working with Western Cape University in Cape Town, focusing on mathematics, science and technology in the classroom at secondary level, using the Teachers Media platform and face to face support.


In Namibia we have supported the ministry of education by participating in a competition for schools to deliver the `Best Lesson’. Three teachers were chosen, and together with UNICEF, we awarded our online platform services to the teachers’ respective schools.


We are working with the Teachers Service Commission in Kenya to provide face to face workshops, accredited courses, supported by our platform service for a huge number of educators. It’s a highly scalable and sustainable service that gives valuable support for thousands of teachers across the country.


We are working with the ministry of education in Newfoundland to support mathsin the province through the building of video content and the Teachers Media platform service

Our Canadian online service is being used by educators and teachers in provinces to support ongoing PD.


Our UK online subscription service is being used to support PD.


Our UK online subscription service is being used to support PD.


Our UK online subscription service is being used to support personal training, training in schools and at teacher training institutions across the country.

The global head office is based in London.

New Zealand

Our UK online subscription service is being used to support PD.


Our UK online subscription service is being used to support PD.


Our UK online subscription service is being used to support PD.

Czech Republic

Our UK online subscription service is being used to support PD.


Our UK online subscription service is being used to support PD.


Our UK online subscription service is being used to support PD.


Our UK online subscription service is being used to support PD.


Our UK online subscription service is being used to support PD.


Our UK online subscription service is being used to support PD.


Initially launching in northern India, Teachers Media International is rolling out the online subscription service to support PD across India.


Colin Rutherford
Executive Chairman

As Executive Chair, Colin is responsible for investment, strategic direction and the global expansion of the Teachers Media International brand.

Colin is a former board member and visiting professor at Edinburgh University's Business Management School. more...

Colin has substantial credentials as a corporate leader and is a highly sought-after advisor in the realm of international business, finance, and the global economy.

He is the former Executive Chairman of Midas Capital Plc, a UK based investment fund and wealth management company with more than $3.7 billion in assets. He continues to sit on the boards of several other private and publicly traded companies less-


Angela Ney
Founder and Head of International Solutions

Angela is responsible for the global development of Teachers Media International. She was also the driving force behind Teachers TV Canada.

Prior to joining Teachers Media International, Angela's career has spanned both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, with a focus on companies working in education, training, curriculum development and learning technologies.more... More recently she was Director of Business Development for an e-learning company called Castlerock Research .

Angela is a former special needs teacher and has more than 16 years’ experience of working within education. less-


Dan Sandhu
Executive Director

Dan is responsible for the strategic development of the Teachers Media online platform services globally.

Dan is experienced in building and scaling up businesses in the technology, services, digital and media sectors in the UK and internationally. more... With a strong background in disruptive digital and technology businesses, as both an executive and investor, he continues to sit on the boards of several private businesses in the UK and internationally. less-


The Team